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Is Myshopify store a scam or is it a legit website 2024?

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Is Myshopify store a scam or is it a legit website 2024?

Is Myshopify store a scam or is it a legit website 2024?

“Shopify” is a legit business, BUT the question was about “MyShopify,” which IS a scam. BEWARE! If a deal is too good to be true, it’s PROBABLY A SCAM!

Myshopify is a complete scam. After going through mixed reviews from many people on this forum, I decided to find out the legitimacy of sellers on this website, ‘MyShopify’.

Scammers find recently created Shopify Stores with a similar domain name, claiming to sell the same original product.

In the meantime, Shopify took down the fake storefront, added more software tools for $30 and up, and offered monthly maintenance for merchants’ transactions.

So, I conducted a small experiment. I ordered two items for INR 1000/- each from two sellers.

I had placed the orders on 08 Oct 2022. It’s been more than 15 days. There has yet to be a response from the sellers. I almost knew that these might be scams, but I took a risk to expose these rascals. I have found out the following facts about the fraudsters.

  1. The email IDs in both sites’ ‘contact us’ tabs are fake. They don’t exist. When I tried putting a complaint mail, it bounced back with a system response that ‘ID doesnt exist’. This happened in both the sellers’ cases.
  2. When I tried exploring the ‘Track My Order’ option. For the last 15 days, it has shown, ‘Your order details will be available in the next 48 hours’ in both cases. Then I tried putting different Order numbers. It says so for anything you type in. It is hardwired coding. Rubbish and purely a scam.
  3. Even the payment IDs of the rascal sellers on the Razorpay platform are following.

‘pay_FkidPTHlp0sTje’ registered in the name of some Vivek Singh pay_FkgyjiWGEvabqA’ registered in the name of some Amar.

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Both rascals might have already disowned these IDs after a successful scam. These are fake IDs. Don’t fall for them. Something that looks too good to be true isn’t.

It is a scam. Check this link about it – Myshopify is rated “Bad” with 0.3 / 10 on Trustpilot

Be aware and good.

Is Myshopify a scam, or is it a legit website? 2024

It is fake and hosts a lot of webpages, which are unrealistic at times, electronics and clothes all less than 1000 Rs. So, people pursue it sparingly. It is like a small value scam, which people will let go of due to nuisance value. Similar experience with their carnival streetwear page.

It’s a completely fake website. I purchased a product but have yet to receive it, and when I complained to the Myshopify team, they told me they couldn’t check the order status and ended the conversation. Please don’t waste your money.

This happened to me as well. I spent a lot of money on the Metal Build Evangelion 01, only to find out now that it’s almost certainly a scam. I’ve sent emails every day, but nothing. Also, the website is offline now. Is there a way I can get my money back?

Then one of my friends told me that:

Give your bank a call and ask for a chargeback. I explained that the website was a scam and they had never sent me a shipping confirmation.

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Also told them I did some digging on the website, and other people said it was a scam. The bank will open a dispute and tell you to wait 14 days and then give them a call back if you never receive the product/tracking, etc.…

SHOPIFY is a “platform” where people can create their own “shop.”… Shopify is NOT A SCAM… HOWEVER, MANY OF THE SUB-SHOPS ARE.

They advertise products (usually by copy-paste from other large suppliers). They collect orders, get paid under Shopify’s umbrella, and then DISAPPEAR. You will never get your money back.

To that respect, YES, SHOPIFY HAS LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES EVEN AS “INTRODUCER” AND PAYMENT GUARANTOR (THUS ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR “REFUNDS”). Unfortunately, PayPal (an umbrella but only for payments) covers the same /similar kinds of scammers.

We should not let them “rest”. They have already reported to EU authorities and are taking legal action. Paid $20 for product X, Plus shipping $10 (on Paypal’s invoice, in front/covering up of the “seller”). It cost me $20 for EU VAT+CUSTOMS.

However, the product in the package was different from the product ordered. After 45 days of disputes and claims, the “resolution centre” proposed that I first return the wrong product and then I will receive a refund of the $30 (20+10).

At first, the “trading” basis is wrong/faulty. I paid in advance and demanded to get my money back first. Second, I am losing 100% of the deal (20 Customs+10 Return Shipping). They do that so you will lose more money and get ZERO results. Check the wordpress meta box.

Anyways, we are filing a legal case for a full refund of our cost of $60, PLUS damages and losses, plus legal expenses. We, the consumers, will always DEMAND WHAT WE PAY FOR.

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Can I sell digital products on Myshopify?

Yes, you can sell digital products on Myshopify. To sell digital products, you can create product listings on your Shopify store and provide download links or access codes to customers upon purchase.

Myshopify also offers features to limit the number of downloads or set expiration dates for digital products to manage access effectively.


As there are a lot of Shopify, it would be a mistake to assume that the reviews you can find online would be about the same as Myshopify.

That is unfortunate for the honest store owners who are, for some reason, using a MyShopify domain instead of a proper one and now have to suffer from the fact that there are less trustworthy people who, through their actions, are harming the reputation of other Myshopify-stores.

There are many Shopify stores, so a discount code would only work for some.

However, if you have stumbled on this page because you are looking for a discount for running your own Shopify, this page will likely be helpful.

I called 1 (855) 816-3857 and got a gentleman who would not help or represent me in being ripped off by one of their stores. He told me to contact my credit card company to get my money back.

You could tell he knew it was a scam. But kept telling me to call my credit card company. Don’t ever buy ANYTHING from Shopify. They will not protect you. They don’t care about the consumer. Is Myshopify a scam

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