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Horse Blanket Girl No Blur Naked climbed inside Jasha Lottin, Oregon

Horse Blanket Girl No Blur Naked climbed inside Jasha Lottin, Oregon

Horse Blanket Girl No Blur Naked climbed inside Jasha Lottin, Oregon 2024

A photographer purchased a sick horse and then shot it to do a photo shoot where a woman got inside the dead carcass. Was this in the name of art or a lash-out to PETA? Iliza Shlesinger discusses with Alexis Archer that Oregon police say they will not file charges against a 21-year-old woman after pictures of her climbing naked inside the carcass of a dead horse surfaced online.

Disturbing photos of the Portland-area woman, whose name has not been released, show her small frame soaked in blood, smiling at the camera. The woman, whose boyfriend took the pictures, said she wanted to ‘feel one’ with the horse, according to an incident report.

But despite the graphic and disturbing nature of the photographs, Washington County investigators say the couple did not break the law. Disturbing: A photo of the blood-soaked 21-year-old Portland woman, taken by her boyfriend, shows her pretending to take a bite out of the dead horse.

In addition to the picture of the petite woman, who stands 5’6″ and 119lbs, smiling from inside the horse, another photo shows her blood-soaked body standing in front of the animal. The woman and her boyfriend are also pictured holding what is believed to be the animal’s heart, and a fourth photo shows the pair holding a piece of the animal in front of their mouths as they pretend to eat it.

I’m super obsessed with horses. I grew up on a farm around five at all times and just gained a huge respect for them. I’m also an active protester against buying pet horses, traumatizing them and killing them for human consumption. And I can’t even watch abuse/slaughter videos if it involves a horse.

Yet something about this doesn’t bother me even one bit. And she seriously says she was curious.. as in she obviously hadn’t been planning this for years, hoping one day to live out her dream of getting inside a dead horse naked. The horse was probably clueless and happy till the end and not traumatized and abused like in a slaughterhouse.

So they kill an animal much like in hunting, and a simple biological and base instinct emerged called curiosity, and they basically ended up doing what they did; it’s an extreme of basically poking a dead animal with a stick, in my opinion. 

The only real thing that bugs me is that they ate it after. Pet creatures are given all sorts of antibiotics that are not meant for human or even animal consumption, like true meat animals.

A naked woman, 21, climbed inside a gutted dead horse because she wanted to ‘feel at one – and no charges were brought.

Winter is on its way, and our horses can get sick or even injured if they are allowed to get overly wet and chilled. While horses have evolved to handle certain amounts of cold weather, we have altered their ability to fight the cold by keeping them indoors and by clipping them. 

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As a result, our beloved horses will need a little extra protection from the elements to avoid getting chilled and experiencing joint stiffness. This is especially true after a good workout. As athletes, horses work up a sweat while they exercise as a means of stabilizing their body temperature. This stabilization is important, but getting sweaty on a cold day can lead to illness.

The horse clothing and horse blankets available on the market today provide the perfect solution to this dilemma. Just as riders must wear layers and protective clothing in the colder months, horses also need protection from the elements to remain fit and healthy. 

You can protect your horse from chilly winter weather using turnout blankets, turnout sheets, and dress sheets. The breathable, water-resistant, and durable rip-stop fabrics used to make horse blankets and other types of horse clothing will keep your horse cleaner, warmer, and healthier throughout the winter.

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Turnout Blankets Offer Tough Protection 2024

Turnout blankets provide the ultimate winter protection for horses that spend most or all of their time outside. Winter turnout blankets feature fleece linings that provide horses with comfort and warmth on even the snowiest days. 

Many turnout blankets are waterproof, making them highly useful in areas that get a lot of cold, chilling rain. If your region is especially cold or wet, you can invest in a horse blanket that features an integrated neck. This article of horse clothing will help to keep your horse warmer with the extra coverage. It also keeps your horse dry by preventing rain from getting under your regular horse blanket.

For state-of-the-art protection, there is nothing better than the Tuffrider 600D Stretch Manager Thermolined Turnout Blanket. Made from waterproof, breathable stretch fabric, this blanket is made from 94% rip-stop polyester and 6% Lycra, allowing your horse the freedom of movement unavailable from any other horse blanket. 

Well-insulated and nicely fitting, this horse blanket is unparalleled with its quick-snap double front closure and stretch webbing. Your horse is sure to be warm, dry, and comfortable in this particular horse blanket, regardless of the weather.

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Guide to Choosing the Right Horse Clothing and Horse Blankets 2024

If your region is especially wet, consider the durable rip-stop polyester fabric used to create the Tuffrider 600D Turnout Blanket. This horse blanket is both waterproof and breathable for those wet, rainy days in the pasture. 

It also provides warmth and protection from the cold with its polyfill insulating layer. The fabric wicks away moisture, keeping your horse at an optimal temperature on even the coldest rainy days. This horse blanket also offers protection from hunters with its bright orange color.

If you prefer something lighter, the Tuffrider 600D Plaid Medium Weight Turnout blanket is an excellent choice for providing moderate warmth while remaining waterproof and breathable. 

The polyfill is somewhat lighter, keeping your horse from sweating in the cold and risking a chill. The nylon shoulder lining prevents chafing, and the high gusset of this blanket offers your horse the freedom of movement it needs. The removable leg straps are an added convenience.

If your weather varies, the new Tuffrider Closed Front Nylon Blanket Liner is a great way to supplement your existing horse blanket with a convenient insulating layer. You can use it on colder days and remove it as the weather warms. This horse blanket liner features low cross surcingles, double front closures, stainless steel hardware, and a removable tail flap.

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Enjoy Moderate Protection from Turnout Sheets 2024

Turnout sheets provide lightweight warmth and stretchable comfort for your horse on chilly mornings or after being clipped for the next show. For the latest in turnout sheets, look at the innovative Tuffrider 1200D Stretch Manager Plus Turnout Sheet. This article of horse clothing features rips stop, 4-way stretch fabric that provides the ultimate in lightweight comfort.

This breathable fabric is then laminated, making it both breathable and waterproof, ensuring the comfort and protection of your horse’s winter health. This elegant article of horse clothing uses strategically placed panels to attain an aesthetically pleasing fit without the use of shoulder gussets.

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Another useful turnout sheet is the 600D Plaid Fleece Lined Turnout Sheet. This fleece-lined turnout sheet is waterproof and breathable, providing nearly weightless comfort and protection. 

The taped seams keep out moisture, and the nylon lining at the shoulders and across the bottom helps to keep your horse comfortable, clean, and dry on even the muddiest days. Removable leg straps offer an extra measure of convenience.

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Stabilize Body Temperature with Dress Sheets 2024

While severe weather won’t require the use of a dress sheet, this article of horse clothing works much like a windbreaker. Dress sheets can help to stabilize your horse’s body temperature after a strenuous workout if the weather is moderately chilly. The Classic Fleece Dress Sheet offers the added benefit of wicking away moisture, preventing aching joints.

Choosing the right horse clothing and horse blankets depends largely upon where you live and the type of weather your horse normally faces. If your horse spends most of its time outside, it will require better protection from the elements. Providing your horse with the comfort and protection of horse blankets and horse clothing is yet another way that you can ensure their good health, comfort, and peace of mind.

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Buying Guide to Horse Blankets

Horse blankets are handy to have around a stable but not essential for every horse owner. A standard horse blanket is used to keep a horse warm and or protected from wind and other elements.

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A horse blanket fits around the horse’s body from chest to rump, straps cross underneath the belly, and fasten the blanket securely. Most blankets have buckles in the front; today, some blankets can be slipped over the horse’s head. Some blankets also have small straps that loop around the horse’s hind legs. This helps prevent the blanket from slipping sideways.

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Horse Blanket Girl No Blur Naked climbed inside Jasha Lottin, Oregon. Horse blankets are designed according to their use. You can buy a single horse blanket and be content with that, or you could have several and use all of them in a single day. Before buying a horse blanket, consider its purpose. Consider who exactly is going to be responsible for putting on and taking off the blanket.

I can not recount how many dollars and pounds I have seen wasted in a stable yard on horse blankets. I have worked in the USA and UK with horses, and I still shake my head in disbelief at the countless times a day I would have to change a blanket on a single horse – to suit the owner. Have you ever stopped to consider how your horse feels?

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Learn About Horse Blankets – Does Your Horse Need A Blanket? 2024

A horse blanket should be versatile enough that it keeps your horse protected in cold weather. If your horse lives out in a pasture and is not stabled, you ought to buy a blanket that is well-insulated to keep him warm. The blanket should also be waterproof; that way, you or the grooms do not have to run out at the first drop of rain to change blankets.

If your horse is stabled, a single warm blanket will suffice. If you buy a light blanket, he may get too cold, and his natural response is to grow thick, fluffy hair and look like a teddy bear. Most horse owners prefer to deter this response and blanket their horses. If you buy a thick, warm blanket, you need to monitor its use.

Temperatures drop at night; if you blanket your horse with a horse blanket for severe cold temperatures in the early evening, you are going to have an uncomfortable horse. Your horse most likely will be too hot and start to sweat. When the temperatures drop, he stops sweating but has cold sweat to deal with and a wet blanket. If anything, the blanket, in this case, is useless.

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Are You at Risk of Harming Your Horse by Bringing Out Your Horse Blanket Too Early? 2024

However, if your horse has been clipped in cold or even cool weather, he is going to need more than a simple warm blanket to provide insulation that his hair coat would have done.

Besides protecting your horse from weather elements, there are blankets to protect it from flies and gnats, which are useful. A cooler or a sweat sheet is another blanket that is highly recommended for a horse owner. This blanket allows your horse to cool down and dry after being washed or exercised but protects from draughts or chills.

Horse blankets have various designs and uses. You can buy several, or you can buy one; only make sure that the blanket best suits your horse’s needs. You can then choose any color to your liking, provided they are made in that color.

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Horse Blanket Girl No Blur Naked climbed inside Jasha Lottin, Oregon Woman.

If human-owned horses need shoes, how do horses in the wild not need them?

Two assumptions ruin your question:

  1. ‘Human-owned’ horses need shoes.
  2. Horses in the wild don’t need shoes.

Both are wrong.

Many people think ‘horseshoes are bad.’ iT may be because ‘shoes are metal!’ or ‘nailing shoes on hurts the horse’ or ‘with shoes on the hoof can’t be ‘healthy’(whatever that means).’ The problem is that these things need to be corrected.

And there are plenty of Facebook groups that support the idea that all horses, and all problems with horses, are solved by removing shoes. They will have hysterics if anyone suggests otherwise.

But the sad fact is that your statements are false. All human-owned horses do not need shoes. Example. I own three horses – that’s twelve hooves total. There are shoes on only two of those hooves – the only two that need shoes have shoes. 

My one horse’s feet were ruined before I got her, and the only option was to put light shoes on her. Without them, she bruises her heels. With them, her heels are protected. She is retired, so this has nothing to do with her work.

Human-owned horses are assessed by a farrier (horse shoer) for whether they need shoes or not. Are there other options? Instead of shoes, cushioned boots may temporarily protect injured feet or feet recovering from surgery (yes, even hooves need surgery sometimes). Or the horse may go ‘barefoot.’ Barefoot doesn’t work for every horse, but it does work for many horses.

Within shoes, there are options: aluminum, plastic, rubber, and steel, plus glue-on or nail-on. Reasons a horse might need shoes:

Horse Blanket Girl No Blur Naked climbed inside Jasha Lottin, Oregon Woman 2024

  1. His feet and general health were not cared for for years, causing his heels to collapse or the sole to flatten and be bruised by the ground.
  2. He works on a hard surface, such as a paved road or gravel. His feet are getting too much wear, so the tender inner structures of the foot are harmed. Some types of sand can be surprisingly abrasive as well.
  3. He lives in a rocky area, where rocks damage his hooves – broken and bruised.
  4. He is recovering from hoof surgery.
  5. He has (or had in the past) an infection in the hooves from excessive moisture, immersion for more than several days(quite common during floods), disease, incorrect diet or bedding(especially wood dust bedding made from hardwood trees like black walnuts) or standing all the time in a filthy stable, in manure and urine with inadequate bedding.
  6. He has ‘high-low’ conformation. It usually affects the front rather than the rear/hind feet. And it means one hoof is very flat, spread out, and angled, and the other is too ‘boxy,’ upright, and square. Careful trimming and shoeing help to protect both of his feet.

The second part of your statement: wild horses don’t need shoes. Well, that’s not true either. Just as with human-kept horses, some wild horses need shoes.

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Again, review the previous list – some wild horses live in areas where the ground wears and damages their hooves. Many horses will show signs of severe hoof damage and laminitis (internal damage, inside hooves) in those areas.

Additionally, many wild horses need their hooves trimmed. Some wild horse herds are caught and confined once or twice yearly to trim their hooves.

Horse Blanket Girl No Blur Naked climbed inside Jasha Lottin, Oregon Woman 2024

In contrast, human-owned horses trim their hooves five to eight times a year. It means that the human-owned horse has less hoof trimmed off each time, so there is no abrupt change in the hoof angles. When trimmed infrequently, there could be a strain on tendons and ligaments. But we have no choice with the wild horses – depending on the type of ground they are on, they could desperately need those annual or bi-annual trims.

Plus, a few in the wild herd(as well as among the human-owned horses) will have abnormally rapid hoof growth. If their feet are not attended to frequently, they look like this:

There is evidence that this often occurs not simply because the hooves are not trimmed for a while(though trimming is obviously very important) but also due to damage to the hooves from a laminitis disease. Read below for more about laminitis.

Wild horses often wind up in environments that hurt them. The environment may need more land. Horses need to move about to keep their bodies and hooves healthy. 

Wild horses confined to small areas do not move around enough to keep their hooves healthy. In the US, many wild horses are confined to pens or small, fenced-in grass pastures. People who raised and sold cattle pushed for this as they wanted their cattle to get the grass.

But even if not confined to a very small area, the land available to wild horses has been ‘shrunk.’ They now must make do with much smaller ranges. It also affects their hoof health.

The wild horse’s feet suffer as a result. Human-kept horses often fare much better than restricted-range wild horses, especially when the human-kept horses get at least an hour a day of planned exercise(walking around a pasture eating is better than being stuck in a stable 24/7; planned exercise is better than that).

Horse Blanket Girl No Blur Naked climbed inside Jasha Lottin, Oregon Woman 2024

I mentioned excessively rocky areas, but overly lush grass can make almost any horse sick. It is the ‘classic because of laminitis(internal hoof damage).

Wild horses in lush grassy areas can ‘overdose’ on fresh spring grass and get laminitis. They may ‘overdose’ every spring if not kept off the lush grass(and they are not), and each year they may ruin their feet worse until they are completely crippled. It can destroy their hooves, so they are in too much pain to stand or survive. Some human-kept horses fed too much food can suffer the same consequences.

As you all discuss this, keep one important factor in mind: Nature makes imperfect animals. As a system, yes, this is what Nature does.

You see, Nature cares about no one species to the exclusion of others. Nature keeps a balance by very deliberately making imperfect creatures. Horses are not ‘privileged’ in Nature. They are designed with population control mechanisms that prevent them from over-populating. It isn’t just about ‘natural selection’ and ‘selecting the strongest individuals.’

Horse Blanket Girl No Blur Naked climbed inside Jasha Lottin, Oregon Woman 2024

It’s about killing enough of them every year that they don’t overpopulate. The environment and the species are designed to kill a certain number of individuals yearly. That’s part of Nature.

Wild foals are born in spring, and that kills a certain number of them. That is ‘intentional’ as far as Nature, as a system, is concerned and is deliberate, as far as ‘nature, the system’ is concerned.

The reason? To kill a certain percentage of them. A fairly high percentage of them.

What does it mean if a horse has a blanket on its back?

It means the owner thinks the horse is cold. Most of the time, that’s the actual function of a horse blanket – to make the owner feel better. Sadly, most of the time, a horse is blanketed, hurting its comfort and health.

A blanket can’t self-adjust with the changing temperatures from night’s chill to noonday sun or resting to playing. It’s just there. Warmer external and internal influences cause sweating. The blanket traps moisture, which causes chilling.

The arrector pili muscles allow a horse’s coat to adjust to temperature fluctuations. They fluff the coat up to trap more body heat when it’s cold out and lie it flat to allow it to escape when the sun is shining or they’re hooning around the pasture like maniacs.

When a horse is kept blanketed, those little bitty hair muscles are inactivated, and they’ll atrophy over time, robbing the horse of the ability to regulate their insulation and, thereby, their body temperature.

Horses often get hung up in the straps that hold a blanket on. Most of the time, the straps break, and the blanket tears, so it’s only the cost of repairing or replacing the blanket. Worst case, the horse gets injured and might have to be euthanized, or only a big vet bill.

Horse Blanket Girl No Blur Naked climbed inside Jasha Lottin, Oregon Woman 2024

If a horse is in hard training or work, it will sweat even in winter. In these cases, it requires much time and care to ensure that their sweaty, heavy natural winter coat can dry out safely and not take a chill. 

Or give some variation of a body clip, which allows the heat of working to escape and is faster to dry safely. In those cases, frequent changing of blankets may be the best option. 

Lightweight to no cover during the warmth of day and layers of warmth during the cold nights. It takes a lot of work to do blanketing right, so the best thing for most horses is to have their natural coat.

The other factor affecting a horse’s ability to stay warm is enough forage. The process of digesting grass or hay is the same as composting. Friendly little gut bacteria create a lot of heat as they break down the cellulose in forage, and that heat keeps the horse toasty warm from the inside. Horse Blanket Girl No Blur Naked climbed inside Jasha Lottin, Oregon Woman 2024

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