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Friends, here are three experiences of three different women in 2024. My experience with the more sheer hosiery was initially to have something other than bare legs and to keep “it” all covered in church.

Back then, I thought black tights were for the punk and goth kids and figured nude hose would look better with a knee skirt. Also, the tights I had at the time were super thick and did not fit me correctly, but the nude hose didn’t bunch or sag like the tights, so they stayed.

Growing up, I would wear nude or suntan hose often as long as it went with the outfit. I would notice the looks from guys and girls, too, occasionally. I would get asked if I was wearing pantyhose and what kind are they, and most of the time, I would be complimented on my legs.

As time went on, I noticed it was a turn-on for some guys to see legs in sheer hose, and it made me see them not as just “socks for my skirt.” I would see the businesswomen dressed up in skirts, hose, and heels confidently walking in perfectly matched outfits and starting to understand.


When I wear sheer hose, I pay more attention to people noticing my legs now, which is sexy, but some days I forget about what I’m wearing, and the staring or side glances can get a little much.

I won’t wear sheer hose if it’s cold, and I’ll wear color tights that match the rest of the outfit. I have not often worn sheer hose layered under jeans/leggings to avoid panty lines or tighten up flab areas.

Jeans are rough on the wear of sheer hose. I would wear a pair of cheap hose or leggings over a pair of good hose with compression for slimming. Sometimes I wear hose with shorts and found early on my sketchers, and Converse shoes would destroy any sheer hosiery almost every time.

No-show socks or some cute sock protection, or else you must run. Yes, sheer hose does take some caution, but trying not to catch my skirt on my seatbelt or keep my makeup on point does as well.

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Once you get used to adding caution and trying not to snag up your hose, it gets routine and no different than keeping your nails not chipped. The stigma that sheer hose is scratchy and baggy does not apply to most of today’s sheers.

They are not made the same way, with different material blends that actually feel nice and are durable.

That’s how most remember hose being these sweat prisons that you must pull up every 5 minutes and never want to deal with again. But any name-brand sheer hose will fit and feel way different than they used to back in the day.


What I Have Learnt in 2024

It did take me some experimenting to find what brands I liked the most and the sizes that fit. When I decided to expand my sheer collection, I initially bought 3 of the popular brands (Hanes, Leggs, and no-nonsense) in a few sizes each and started noticing what I liked and didn’t like about them.

If you are thinking about trying sheer hose for the 1st time, I suggest starting with a size larger than it says you are.

Buying a hose too small will ruin your walking gait, and you will likely run the hose much sooner because they are overstretched.


Buy in bulk when you can, as it is usually cheaper. Also, bulk hose usually comes in a bag, not cardboard packaging, where the cardboard can sometimes run the hose, depending on the brand.

The sheer hose is a great way to finish your outfit; with the right care, you can make them last many wearings.

The question is broad and open to many different answers, so I hope this helps!

Here are some of my experiences with lower-denier pantyhose & sheer tights:-

  1. Less than 15 deniers.
  2. More transparent & glossy.
  3. More flexible & comfortable.
  4. Thinner & cooling.
  5. More softly & lightweight.
  6. Easily gets torn & ruined.
  7. Easily snags & slips down.
  8. Need to be worn with panties/underwear.
  9. Suitable to be worn in extremely hot weather.
  10. It needs to be clean and shaved completely for men’s legs.

What is your experience with lower-denier pantyhose and sheer tights?

My experience with low deniers is that they are too sensitive and easily torn. But on the lighter side, I get plenty of compliments and looks. Having Asian blood in me means that my legs don’t grow long hairs that others must maintain by waxing and shaving.

My legs don’t need any waxing and shaving. It, however, has very thin and fine hair. And those who compliment me say that my hair looks very sexy under a low denier pantyhose, especially nude color pantyhose.

I sometimes wear thick opaque deniers, but those who see me at different times say the low denier suits me best due to the color and shape of my legs.

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Pantyhose feels slippery and airy with heels and flats.

It’s almost like you aren’t wearing anything except a smooth, delicate covering over your foot. Like a silk sock that goes up to the waist. Soft, Delicate, Silky, Tight, Hugging. It is hard to put into words that do justice. It feels good, put together, and finished, unlike bad and uncomfortable.

The material is soft and slick, and the feeling of moving around can be enjoyed knowing how the hose accentuates the legs and feet. Heels and flats are flattering shoe wear, and pantyhose enhances the femininity, making the combo even more appealing.

This isn’t always the case.

When I’m at work and wearing hose and heels, I often forget about anything except work unless there is an outfit malfunction, and then I start to notice the sensations more.

If I’m running an errand or something where I don’t have a dress code, I will enjoy the little things more, like the feeling of hose in flats or a skirt and sneakers or the fling of my hair down without any product.

I find even wearing hose, in general, enjoyable, and it’s hard to describe the feeling. Some women hate pantyhose/nylons and will give you a completely different answer, so take this with a grain of salt as my opinion only.

I don’t like thigh highs, garters, or tights for the most part. Almost every woman I know loves tights and garters.


Tights are too thick for me, and I feel like a little kid wearing them. Words are limited with this type of question and make it hard to convey sensations that some find horrible and others pleasurable, let alone write at length.

I don’t mind answering any questions, but there is little to say about this topic outside of personal experience.

I would seriously suggest trying a pair on for yourself if you are super curious because there isn’t another way to get this answer as thoroughly.

You might like it more than you thought; never know. I have been requested quite a bit to answer a question like this; remember, these are only my opinions.

Woman and Man in Pantyhose

Mainly, the pantyhose is designed for women. Therefore, I would like to appeal to this website, especially those women who want to know more about these delicate fabrics, because it shows time and again that many women don’t know much about their pantyhose.

The generalized prejudice that “all the means are equal and go bankrupt quickly” is untrue, and I can not stop commenting. Therefore, there are many stocking tips and information from which women can still learn something.

At the same time, I want to contribute to greater openness and acceptance by women and men in tights. For women, it is normal to wear stockings.

In men, however, there is a “bad taste” that is not done, so it is a great opinion. However, some men hold themselves as stockings, and there is always more.

Yes, I am one of them, and for me, it is perfectly normal; why not? Friends, I represent this fact publicly, so even with sellers and manufacturers of socks, keep it.

I don’t want anyone to convince them to wear socks because that’s all theirs. I want to talk about no women putting their men in tights. No, you have every right to be against pantyhose.

I respect this, too. However, I present the advantages and think a little. Persuasion is the motto, not talking … decide each one for yourself.

Even with many women, it is not the “right” attitude for pantyhose. Again, I would like to help a little because nothing is better than a pretty woman’s leg in silky and shiny pantyhose!

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own experience

All this information and experiences shown are based on contributions from books and informative material, the manufacturer, or my experience. There are no fantasy stories here, so beautiful they can be. Because now we live here and now, and not in an imaginary world.

Tips and help

In recent years, many emails have been written because women had problems with their partners. The situation is new for them, or their partner with stockings is suddenly in front of them. Therefore, good advice was required.

I am not a psychologist, but I can have many relationships if I believe in the following emails.

Therefore, ladies, if you don’t know how to go, write me a relationship before it breaks … because it’s just a fine garment, and (generally) it has nothing to do with you.


  1. Pantyhose are also called sheer tights and should cover the wearer’s body from waist to toe. So, if yours does not start from the waist, it is called pop socks.
  2. There are recommended events where pantyhose are allowed. Examples include:
  3. Job Interview: While there are no rules banning bare legs at job interviews, it would be better to wear pantyhose to interviews, especially when your skirts or gowns are short. This is to prevent your interviewer from misjudging you.
  4. Church: When attending church, it is always good to be as conservative as possible, so it is not a bad idea to wear pantyhose to serve as a leg garment to reduce the amount of skin on display in the church. Back to my pantyhose experience in church, we were right to have worn it to church. I hope they read this article.
  5. Cold Weather: Pantyhose provide some warmth during cold seasons, so it’s always a big plus to wear pantyhose in cold weather. Pantyhose are usually close to the skin, so they can trap body warmth and keep it warm while worn.

Wearing a pantyhose has some advantages, such as providing warmth, preventing dryness, and improving skin appearance; it also has blunders (Faux pas). I’ve seen people wearing pantyhose on open-toe shoes and sandals, now that’s a no-no. If you must wear pantyhose, it must be on closed-toe shoes. 

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