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How to flip an image in Google Docs 2024

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How to flip an image in Google Docs 2024

How to flip an image in Google Docs 2024

With an image added in Google Docs, you have to copy it and go to the “Insert” tab. Select the “Drawing” option from the dropdown menu and “New” from the following menu to open a drawing tool to flip the Image.

Flip picture in Google Docs, Friends. If any picture is there and there is no way to flip it, then you can do that to flip the picture that you want to use too.

  1. Go to Google Docs
  2. and open the picture in the drawing.
  3. Click on the image option
  4. Select your Image.
  5. Click on actions, and there, in the rotate menu, you will find one flip horizontally or vertically.
  6. To flip horizontally, click on horizontal.
  7. Similarly, if you want to flip the picture vertically, you can do that and select vertically.
  8. Then click on save.

Close the page; the picture will be imported over there you can.

Let’s do it step by step.

Step 1: Go to your Favorite browser and open the Google Docs Page. Sign in with your Gmail and password.

Step 2 In Google Docs, see the top menu bar. Click on Insert, then Drawing, and now click on New.

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Step 3. In the Drawing Page, see the top menu bar. Click on Image, then select the Image from your computer or mobile which you want to flip.

Step 4. After uploading the Image, click on it and see the top bar again. Now click on Action Menu.

Step 5: Click on the Rotate option; you can see on the right side a sub-option Bar.

Next Step 6: In the Right sidebar, there are all options to flip your Image; you can choose what you want to change.

Step 7: See the right-side top Bar; you can find the Save option. Click on save, and now you can Close the page.

How to flip an image in Google Docs

The last step is to close the page. The picture will be imported if you want. Friends, if you are still facing any problems with this method, then don’t worry.

We have given all kinds of solutions here to help you; you can also take the help of this video to do this experiment.

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This guide shows how to flip an image in Google Docs.

Flipping an image is different from rotating it. When you flip an image, invert the Image, that is, turn the right side to the left and vice versa.

On the other hand, when you rotate an image, it is turned upside down. You can rotate an image clockwise or counterclockwise but flip it vertically or horizontally.

In this guide, I will flip the Image below horizontally. When I flip the Image, the front of the vehicle will point to the left.


Friends, It’s very easy to flip or rotate an image in Google Docs!

Here are steps for how to flip an image in Docs:

  1. Copy the Image by clicking on it and then pressing Ctrl + C.
  2. Now go to Insert > Drawing > New.
  3. Put your cursor in the drawing panel and press Ctrl + V to paste the Image.
  4. Once it’s there, click on it to select it.
  5. Go to Actions > Rotate and select Flip horizontally (or vertically).
  6. Click the blue Save and Close button to put the Image in your document.

Does that resolve it for you?

You can rotate the Image using the edit tools in Google Photos. If you’re trying to “flip” the Image over, that’s not possible in Photos now.

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For that, you would need a special photo editing app. There are a few free online apps that I found — I haven’t used any of these, so I can’t endorse them, but perhaps one of them would do what you need:

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Thank you, God bless you. All the best

How to flip an image in Google Docs

Have you ever wondered how to flip an image from Google Docs? In this opportunity, we will show you how it is done using a PC or a mobile device.

Something that generates inevitable confusion in many users is that flipping an image is different from rotating it. Converting a picture is the same as mirroring it. It means that the result of flipping an image is similar to the reflection you see after placing it in front of a mirror.

In Docs, it is possible to flip an image vertically and horizontally. In the first case, it is done to invert the bottom and top, while in the second, it reverses the left and right sides.

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To flip the Image in Google Docs, you have to follow these steps:

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  • The first step is to enter Google Docs from the browser on the computer, and you will open the document with the Image you want to flip.
  • The next step is to select the Image in the document and right-click on it. After that, you will see a list of options and choose “Cut” to save the Image to the clipboard.
  • Now, you will select the Insert tab on the document ribbon; after this, select Drawing from the list of available options.

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  • Next, tap on the New option to launch the Google Docs drawing tool. You’ll need to right-click on the drawing tool and choose Paste from the list of options.
  • Once the Image appears here, Google Docs automatically highlight it. To flip the selected Image, click Actions to reveal a dropdown menu showing a list of options.
  • After this, you will select the Rotate option and click on Flip horizontally or vertically. Finally, touch the Save button and close it to complete all the changes.

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